Juju Gear
  • Build Your Denim Juju Skirt

    Give us any notes on how to make your order perfect for you!

    Each Denim Juju Skirt is one of a kind, handmade of material reclaimed from remnant clothing.

    Building your personal juju skirt is fun and easy!

    1 Choose a size and length.  Our skirts feature an elastic waist and comfortable fit.

    2 Choose two colors.  Or the same one twice.

    3 Do you want to send us a shirt or other fabric to incorporate into you skirt?

    4 Pick a pattern, style, or solid colors.

    5 Leaves us notes so we can make your skirt perfect for you!

    If sending us a shirt, please include the name on the order in the package, and ship to.

    Juju Gear

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